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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Day 3

boat party Business owner motivation Creative Customers marketing regroup break Sales Social marketing Success tips Two Minute Commute

“Every day I get older” – by me! Yes… today I said this profound statement.  Oh boy.  It’s rather funny when you read it.   I mean duh, of course every day you are older than the previous. Here’s the scoop – last night we...

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Episode #391 – Do You Have Change for a Penny?

5- Friday - Big Money bundle your products increase sales increase sales with current customers marketing Sales Success tips Two Minute Commute upsell

When life throws you pennies use it to make quarters! Ever get the feeling you are not making any money?  Well… just like lemons make lemonade… they also make lemon cleaners, hair lighteners, and pie.  I’ve always thought it strange that the same produce that...

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Episode #347 – Who is the Star of the Story?

4- Thursday - Infinity Customers Business owner motivation Content Customers make your customer feel smart make your customer the star of the story marketing Real world Sales small business marketing idea small business owner marketing tip Success tips Two Minute Commute

“Good Marketing makes the Company look Smart. Great Marketing makes the Customer feel Smart” JChernov I love this inspiration!  Have you ever thought about marketing in this light?  Your job is to make the customer feel smart. Let’s do a little “shoe on the other...

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Episode #343 – Peek Behind the Scenes

6- Saturday - Try This! aqua water mat build anticipation with a Facebook post Content Creative develop engagement email marketing infinity marketing machine marketing photo of shipment Real world Sales small business owner advice small business owner tip Success tips

Happy Saturday!  It’s time to “Try This”! This is a real world example of a Facebook post I did last summer.  We received a really big ugly bundle of shrinkwrapped something. Well, not exactly “something” it’s a huge pallet of Aqua Water Mats.  What on...

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Episode #293 – Why “Why” Matters

4- Thursday - Infinity Customers audio blog Blog content Customers marketing Sales sell more by finding out why customers buy sell to your customer's why small business podcast small business tip Success tips Two Minute Commute

“Success is not delivering a feature, success is learning how to solve customer’s problem.” So… have you decided that the only business you are in is the one that solves your customer’s problem? That may be a very different way to look at your business. ...

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