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About Me

Are you ready for a break in your day?

I'm so glad you are here!  I started this site because I absolutely love the "after a conference" feeling. 

The feeling of being refreshed and ready to create!  The moment you get on the plane and develop that plan to take back to your business...

Well... this site is here to help you refresh and make more sales.

Hello!  I'm Roxanne and I'm just a girl that loves marketing.  Granted I love chocolate chip cookies, too... 

Ever since I was six years old and won the most tickets sold to our dance recital, I've been hooked. Sales and marketing is just fun.

Heck... I won the "Best Profit Center" Idea TWO times... Once for implementing our online pontoon reservation system... and once for implementing our digital followup system for our Boat Club.

Another win was being selected as the "Real World Business" for Icon!  This was a national competition and so crazy cool to win.

Most recently I was named the 2021 Darlene Briggs Marine Woman of the Year for the entire boating industry... such an honor and so neat!

Now it's your turn.

My goal with this site... my dream is... to attract small business owners into one location to get creative and share ideas.  There's a Facebook group to join, but ONLY if you're willing to share.

Then of course there's my "why" and sure it should be because I want to help people... but it's actually because I love Waffles. 


Waffles is my dog... he's a very spoiled golden doodle... and by spoiled I mean expensive.  So I love giving him the best life ever and that is why I'm here helping you.  I make money by sharing my knowledge and in turn Waffles gets spoiled!

But here's how I serve you...

I want to refresh and inspire women small business owners... then repeat.

It's so important to take some down time to get creative and that's why we are all here.  Taking a "beach moment" in your mind by simply closing your eyes and listening to "the waves" will actually refresh you and help you make more sales.

So let's get going!