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Subject Matter Expert - Why you must become one

You must become a Subject Matter Expert.

That’s a big bold statement for me to make, but hear me out.  Gone are the days when you could go to your job, work, and get a pay check.  That may seem like a funny statement considering you have a job but the reality is, the job market has changed. 

I’d say during the economic recession of 2008-2010 we got distracted and we failed to see the movement in social media.  This included LinkedIn.  LinkedIn has propelled the job search process on an entirely different path.  If you remember the days before LinkedIn you will also remember the courtesy involved in job searches.  The courtesy was that if you had a job recruiters typically left you alone.  If you wanted a new job you looked in the newspaper, found an ad, and sent a resume to the company.  Now, if you are a member of LinkedIn,  you have experienced ads for job’s coming your way on a daily basis.  It hasn’t stopped with the online world, in fact, we had a mechanic actively recruited for the insurance industry as a claims adjuster.

What does this mean?

Well… here’s where I see it going.  You are a free agent.  As such you own your own destiny.  What you choose to do now will determine what that destiny is. 

I’ve heard the complaints among our aging workforce that “I can’t keep up with technology”.

That’s your destiny.

How about if you look at this approach a little differently and instead of focusing on the technology, focus on what the technology does.  Technology allows each person to create their own presence online, very inexpensively, and foster a forward thinking environment where you can be known as a Subject Matter Expert.



What is a Subject Matter Expert?
This is a person with a depth of knowledge in one particular area. 

What’s the difference between a Subject Matter Expert and a Resume?
Both play off of your skills and expertise.  However, being a Subject Matter Expert shows the world what you are doing now and what you will do in the future.  This is different from a resume that focuses on your past accomplishments.


Why become a Subject Matter Expert?
Because being known as a Subject Matter Expert becomes a competitive advantage.  Regardless if you own a job or you own a business, developing and becoming known for expertise is an advantage and will become a norm.


How does a Subject Matter Expert translate to more money?
We live in an information society.  The information you are known to possess positions yourself as an expert.  Being an expert puts you in the top tier of all people that have similar knowledge.  Being in the top tier is rare.  And something that is rare is worth more money. 

If you own a business, being a Subject Matter Expert will translate to more traffic online, more traffic positions yourself for more sales.

If you own a job, being a Subject Matter Expert positions yourself as a knowledgeable thought leader.  Thought leaders earn more money.


Do you have to be a Subject Matter Expert in your employment field?
Nope.  But you do have to be interested (with passion) about the topic you are positioning yourself as a Subject Matter Expert. 

People are multi-dimensional with a variety of hobbies and interests.  Let’s say you work in customer service but you are obsessed with birds and make birdhouses.  You started a blog and have a great audience.  Well, you never know when working in your customer service job that you’ll come across a fellow bird enthusiast that invites you to speak at the local Audubon meeting.  When this chance encounter takes place, instead of just saying “I love birds” you are prepared as a Subject Matter Expert and have a web presence to direct them to that showcases your stories and knowledge.


What exactly is a Subject Matter Expert?
Again, a person with a depth of knowledge in one particular area acquired via experience, time, thought, and research and subsequently chooses to promote this expertise to the public is a Subject Matter Expert. 

Remember: becoming a Subject Matter Expert is an excellent way to “level the playing field” in regards to education and age distinctions.  For example, if you are concerned about job security in a sales profession because new college graduates are entering the workforce.  Positioning yourself as a Subject Matter Expert in regards to your time and experience in the field do this by sharing your thought and research.  This will create a competitive advantage for you.  


How do I differentiate myself in a big industry?
The internet has space for everyone.  If you have a passion for boating but have no business being in the middle of the ocean.  You can frame your knowledge to just freshwater, or even better to a specific body of water.  If you love baking, pick your favorite form like children party theme cakes.  If you sell wine, you can pick an aspect of wine such as pairing.  The more specific your niche, the better the chance you’ll be recognized as an expert.


How do you position yourself as a Subject Matter Expert?
Positioning is a simple 6-step process.  I’ve included it in my free packet “Becoming a Subject Matter Expert” – request your PDF right now!  Included in the packet is why it is critical for a small business owner to become a “Subject Matter Expert” for their industry. Do this wrong and you could cost yourself thousands of dollars

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