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Episode #293 – Why “Why” Matters

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“Success is not delivering a feature, success is learning how to solve customer’s problem.”

So… have you decided that the only business you are in is the one that solves your customer’s problem?

That may be a very different way to look at your business.  You’ve been going along selling T shirts, cupcakes, cars or even boat slips.  But that’s what you’re doing.  You’re solving your problem of a money shortage or a need to make money by selling your T shirts, cupcakes, cars, or boat slips.

Right now you are “doing sales” from a self-centered aspect.  You are selling because you are fulfilling YOUR need.

I challenge you to attack this from a different perspective.  And do this exercise, ESPECIALLY when your sales are down.  Determine what problem your product or service solves for your customer.

Do cupcakes solve hunger, provide reward, or even show thanks as a gift?  These are three very different problems.  If you think you create these beautiful cupcakes as a way to “treat” yourself, and yet, they are actually being given away as a gift, you won’t emotionally connect with your customer.  Sure, you’ll sell a few cupcakes, but when you speak your customer’s language, you’ll skyrocket your sales.

The same thing happens with a car… your customer might be buying because they need transportation, landed a new job, or even are giving the car to a relative.  Car sales people do a pretty good job of qualifying their customer, but, the times you feel a “disconnect” with a sales person, it’s likely because their language of “why” they are selling is conflicting with your “why” of buying.

It’s time to evaluate your products and attack your selling procedures from the role of your customer to solve their problem instead of the features the product has!

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Action Steps
1- Evaluate your profit centers – make a list of the reasons why a customer buys the products and services that you sell!
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