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Profit Center Coach – Day 4

be kind Blog content Business owner motivation creative break Customers marketing My Story small business owner advice Success tips Two Minute Commute

“Kind people are the best kind of people” It’s been a tough week at work.  I always “joke” that when we get a week full of “odd” customers that it’s got to be a full moon. well… Sometimes people are just in a crappy mood. ...

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ProfitCenterCoach.com – Day 3

boat party Business owner motivation Creative Customers marketing regroup break Sales Social marketing Success tips Two Minute Commute

“Every day I get older” – by me! Yes… today I said this profound statement.  Oh boy.  It’s rather funny when you read it.   I mean duh, of course every day you are older than the previous. Here’s the scoop – last night we...

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Episode #392 – Sign On The Dotted Line

6- Saturday - Try This! build your tribe Business owner motivation Creative Customers Loyalty make contract signing a big deal marketing Next big thing personalized pen for contracts small business owner advice Success tips Tribe Building

Saturday Try This! Sometimes the best ideas are super simple! In all fairness, I got this idea from a marina training I attended last fall… but it’s so outstanding.  We have many services that are contract based for our business.  Now imagine this, you can...

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Episode #386 – The Interactive Stop.

6- Saturday - Try This! add an ipad to intereact consistent message by video Creative Customers marketing Real world small business owner advice Success tips try this at your business

Saturday Try This! Add an Ipad or tablet to your waiting area!   And by waiting area, I mean any area your customer has spare time.  This could be outside a restroom area, or near a cash register… or even add a tablet in an area...

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Episode #367 – Show Off Your Accomplishments

6- Saturday - Try This! awards marketing Business owner motivation Content Customers marketing show off your accomlishments simonson salons small business owner advice Social proof subject matter expert Success tips

Saturday – Try This! I finally got my hair cut!  It’s a very exciting day… I use “hair cut” to disguise the real message which is I finally had the time to get my hair colored.  OH yes… that’s much better. First thing that greeted...

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