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Small Business Blog - Most Recent — what is your why

Episode#104 – Why is Your Goal?

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Why is your goal?  There’s some funny English for you.  We’re missing a “that”.  Why is that your goal?  Why is your goal that?  But I say, “don’t change my question”.  I historically make up words, so today I thought, “self, I’m going to make up sentence structure.” Why is your goal? It makes perfect […]

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Episode #51 – Don’t Quit… Focus on Why

audio blog Business owner motivation create a list find your why get paid for your time how much does a job cost marketing Planning raise your prices small business advice small business tip Success tips Two Minute Commute what is your why

When you’re contemplating quitting, get out that sheet of paper with the reason why you started your business, read, focus, and keep going! That may sound like simple advice and it does not take into account the people that should truly stop their business.  The majority of people, whether having a bad day, week, or […]

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Episode #49 Find Your Way With Your Why.

Business owner motivation goal achievement goal attainment goal setting goals marketing my why small business motivation small business owner tip Two Minute Commute what is your why why

Have you ever walked into a business and wondered what the heck was going on?  The theme didn’t match the merchandise or the merchandise didn’t have any common reason to be together.  The most common place I notice this is in a restaurant, the menu is filled with, well, everything.  You have hamburgers, spaghetti and […]

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