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Episode#104 – Why is Your Goal?

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Why is your goal?  There’s some funny English for you.  We’re missing a “that”.  Why is that your goal?  Why is your goal that?  But I say, “don’t change my question”.  I historically make up words, so today I thought, “self, I’m going to make up sentence structure.”

Why is your goal?

It makes perfect sense.  You have a goal, and you’ve put it on paper, but what is the why of the goal?

I’m a big supporter of the SMART goal planning method… the Strategic Measurable Attainable Reward Time bound method.   And you can sure put on paper that your goal is to lose 10 pounds by the end of June.  But… WHY????

Why is an important little question!

What is the why of your goal?

Do you want to lose the 10 pounds because you want to feel better, because you want to walk without getting tired, because it’s the beginning to 50 pounds, because you want to fit into a different shirt, WHY????

Ask this why of your business.  Why are you in business?  Answer: to make money, to not have a boss, to have freedom, to pay off debt, to save for a car, to pay for my child’s college, to produce a product that helps people… there are many, many why’s… “Why is your goal?”!?!

If you get a little upside down, backward, overwhelmed, and feeling confused.  Bring it all back to the simple question, “Why?”

No one can stop you when your “why” gets a massive injection of passion!

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Action Step
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