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Episode #393 – Tell the Truth… Especially When it’s GOOD!

1-Monday - Subject Matter Expert Create loyalty by building trust Customers goals marketing position yourself as a leader Social marketing subject matter expert Success tips Tribe Building Two Minute Commute

“Leadership today is all about truth and trust.” JWelch Do you remember when you used to visit a website… let’s say for a hotel… and the photos they used were not of their actual hotel rooms?  OMG… yes, this used to happen! Then something funny happened. People wanted “real” on the internet… flaws and all.  […]

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Episode #358 – Got an Idea… Take Action!

3- Wednesday - Midweek Motivation go for it goal setting goals marketing midweek motivation Small Business owner motivation take action Two Minute Commute

“Ideas have a short shelf life. You must act on them before the expiration date.” ACTION!  Take action.  That’s the result we’re going for with today’s Midweek Motivation! Have you ever walked out into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, had an amazing idea and by the time you grab the orange juice you’ve forgotten it?  […]

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Episode #346 – Just Keep Going!

3- Wednesday - Midweek Motivation Business owner motivation goals keep going marketing midweek motivation Real world small business owner advice Small Business owner motivation Success tips Two Minute Commute

“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop” Confucius You need to keep making progress.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel like you are making any forward progress… but you are. It’s a simple idea… but think about this.  If you are not moving forward you are moving backward, you’re never standing […]

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Episode #328 – No Excuses, Achieve Your Goal.

3- Wednesday - Midweek Motivation achieve your goals Business owner motivation goal achievement techniques goals marketing Planning quit making excuses set a goal without excuses small business owner advice small business owner tip Success tips Two Minute Commute two minute commute podcast

“Success happens when your dreams get bigger than your excuses” What’s your fall back excuse?  Is it the reason you’re late, out of shape, or broke?  There’s got to be one.  We all have them. I hate excuses… I mean, I’m guilty of using them… but I still hate them. The way I look at […]

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Episode #290 – It’s OK to be a Beginner, Even When You’re the Expert!

1-Monday - Subject Matter Expert Blog content Business owner motivation Content goals marketing Real world small business credability small business owner advice small business owner tip subject matter expert Success tips Two Minute Commute

“Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent.” Here’s the scoop. You’ve got something to say.  You say it every day, that’s why you have your own business. When you start to look at it this way, sharing your knowledge online will become much easier. The reason I’m trying to put […]

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