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Episode #49 Find Your Way With Your Why.

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Have you ever walked into a business and wondered what the heck was going on?  The theme didn’t match the merchandise or the merchandise didn’t have any common reason to be together.  The most common place I notice this is in a restaurant, the menu is filled with, well, everything.  You have hamburgers, spaghetti and tacos all on the same page.  Or you look around and you can the new owners rented space without changing the decor of the old place.  More important you hope this isn’t your business (haha) – but you really need to take a look at your business with fresh eyes and see if your reality is matching your goals and your “why”.

Your “Why” has two different angles, you have a business why and a personal why.  I just talked about the business why… that’s the goal of the business, and when you walk into a place that doesn’t fit, match, or feel right… they’ve lost their why and as a result their way.

The other why is your personal reason for starting the business, it might have been so you didn’t have a boss, but now you realize your customers are your boss, or you realize that you did it to make money but found it’s a never ending money pit.  Therefore you’ve lost your why!

It’s time to get back on track and rediscover your why… because, guess what – it may have changed!  Take time to really figure out what you want for your business goal and/or your reason for having a business.  You’ve got to have a why.  When you do that, visit my goal setting tips at my website BigFishIdeas.com to put your why into an attainable goal.

Action Steps
1- Rediscover your why… it’s not difficult, start brainstorming.  There is no wrong answer because it’s all about you.  What is your why for your business and what is your personal why.

2-Visit BigFishIdeas.com article on Goals Setting to put that why into an attainable goal!

3- Subscribe to my blog at BigFishIdeas.com (you know you want to!)


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