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Episode #393 – Tell the Truth… Especially When it’s GOOD!

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“Leadership today is all about truth and trust.” JWelch

Do you remember when you used to visit a website… let’s say for a hotel… and the photos they used were not of their actual hotel rooms?  OMG… yes, this used to happen!

Then something funny happened.

People wanted “real” on the internet… flaws and all.  There used to be a time when you’d go to buy something (pre-internet), whether it was a car or some other “something” listed as a classified ad and make a visit to see the “something” in person only to find the description did not match the condition of the thing.  Now, a simple look on Craigs List shows photos of the damage or imperfections because the last thing you want to do is list your product and have it be different from reality.

Well, on the same level, you are your own best product!  The hard part is we often undersell our own credentials instead of shining a showcase on them!  We focus on the “bad” too much and simply convince ourselves that we have nothing to offer in terms of being a Subject Matter Expert.

This is just not the case.  You need to emphasize your good side by listing your honors/awards/credentials and even positioning yourself with original content such as a blog or podcast.

When you package yourself as a leader and share the truth about your expertise, others will follow you… it will help build strength in your tribe.  People like to follow confident leaders.


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Action Steps
1- Tell the world about your awesomeness!  It might seem strange… but it really needs to be shared to build trust among your tribe.  Do this by listing awards/recognition/credentials on your about me page!
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