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Episode #390 – The Secret is Focusing on the Right Thing

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“Limits are where Infinity ends…”

You have successfully built a business with customers and they like you. You enjoy being in business… now what?

This is when many entrepreneurs go crazy and start expanding, adding more product lines… etc.  It’s a creative mind gone wild.  The excuse is that you need (or want) to make more money.

There you are with widget A, and now you have widget R.  But you seem to simply be working harder for not much gain… why?

It’s because you jump to the next big thing not realizing that your real big thing is already with you!  I don’t mean a product or service, I mean your customer base.  You see today’s quote is rather brilliant.  Your limit happens when you quit believing in infinity!

If you start down the path of widget R and it’s a product that may not be directly related to widget A, you are then tasked with finding customers and building this whole interest at the same time you need to nurture widget A.  That spreads your time very thin.

What can you do?

Well, when you make the decision to move from “one and done” to “infinity” by creating an Infinity Marketing Machine you will finally create a tribe of followers that really like you and believe in you!  These people are ready for your next product and quite possibly will suggest it to you… therefore you’ll develop widget B, C or D with this core group in mind!

Sure you still need to continually attract customers for B, C, and D…. however, a great percentage of these new customers will want A, also!  They’ll cross between your product offerings because they believe in your core values as a business.  They will identify with you and they will stick around for even more things to buy from you.

Don’t limit yourself… keep working for infinity!

Big Money Small Change Success
Character + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers =
Infinity Marketing Machine

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