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Episode #394 – It’s OK to “Just” Focus Your Consistent Content

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“Reliability is the precondition for trust.” Wolfgang Schauble

The foundation of your Infinity Marketing Machine is trust.  When you gain trust in your followers it converts them into a tribe!  This tribe then grows in strength and loyalty.

You want this loyalty, after all, this is how you find products that your customers want to buy!

Read that again… your goal is to sell “things” to your customers that they want to buy.  Not stupid dumb things, but things they really desire.  You do this by understanding your tribe.

Lots of this understanding comes from learning what your customers want and providing it regularly… hummmm……kinda sounds like “content and consistency”!

That’s because it is.

Provide your tribe wonderful information they desire and you will automatically learn what products and services they desire.  OH… and you don’t get to take a break from this consistency thing.

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean your customers are… in fact, they might be waiting for you to say something!  Case in point… right now we are intensely busy at the marina.  OH my, the ice went off our lake 9 days ago, and that’s the latest it’s ever gone off the lake!  BUT, it also turned into “instant spring” so we are crazy busy — however, this is when it’s even more important to give them regular updates.

Now… my social posts are “suffering” because in allocating my time, I’m writing lots and lots of emails to keep our core customer base “in the loop” — it’s a different kind of content, but it’s necessary.  I should be able to reboot my regular content creation.  But sometimes, you need to simply focus.

I like to term this, where life takes over your social media “perfect”!

Big Money Small Change Success
Character + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers =
Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1- Communicate consistently with your tribe…even if that means you need to focus your efforts!
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