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Episode #148 – Consistency Works for Exercise, Dating, and Social Media Marketing

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I had a conversation with my Aunt recently.  She was telling me that she walks every day for exercise.  I said, “wow, that’s great” and we got to talking about it.  The place she walks is a big indoor building and it’s about 20 minutes away from her house.  But that way rain or snow, she knows she can exercise… no excuses.  She went on to say, “I schedule it in.  It’s on my calendar.”

It’s on my calendar.

That’s a phrase worth writing down.

My Aunt also told me that if she didn’t schedule “walking” into her day she wouldn’t do it.  For perspective, she’s in her 70’s and an active retiree… so… if my 70 something Aunt abides by the “making time” philosophy, there must be something to it.

Recap: My aunt feels walking is important because she feels better when she does it, and when she misses a day she notices it, that’s why she schedules it.

It has importance, a benefit, and a negative outcome for skipping… hummmmmmmm that kinda sounds like the “consistency” component of sharing via your social media outlets.

Whether it’s blogging, posting to Facebook, or creating an email newsletter… you need to consistently share the great things you’re doing at your business!  If you do not share your business misses the opportunity to communicate…

OK, one more analogy before I finish.  Let’s look at social media like dating.  You have a great time communicating with that new love interest… you talk regularly, then all of a sudden, there’s no more talk?!?!  Then you wonder, what did I do wrong?   OH wait… “ding” then you get an occasional text, phone call, or “interruption” in your day… This leaves you even more confused.  Roll eyes here!  Is this your social media strategy with your customers?  Did you start the relationship with flowers and candy… and now “when you think of it” you quickly create a post telling them all the great things you’re doing at your business…


It’s time to “make time” for consistent social media marketing.

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Action Steps
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