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Episode #149 – Target Your Audience, Even If You Can’t Be There

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You can do a lot! Much more than you think… but you need to plan.

Last week was a major baton twirling competition hosted on the campus of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.  It’s our National Championships.  Growing up I attended nine times!  It’s held during the same time and same place each summer.  “Same bat time, Same bat channel”  As a competitor it’s fun, as an alumni it’s like “old home week”, and as a coach it’s time to put the hard work of the past year on the floor!

I mention this because I couldn’t go this year.  I really wanted to.

Three years ago I started the only app for baton twirlers and attending this event becomes even more fun because I recognize the competitors from all over the United States.  It’s neat to have a real world experience and meet them.

But I couldn’t go.

So you know what I did?  I started where I am, with what I had, to do what I could!  I used Snapchat Geofilters at the venue!  Snapchat is popular with the under 25 age group.  Geofilters are designs that can overlay a photo.  I created filters with the logo from the baton twirling app.  M purpose was to enter “their world” and show I understand how they communicate.  It worked well, I had several hundred uses over the 4 days.  More important… I had nearly 30 installs of my app!  It gets better… yesterday I received 5 new additions to my email list for baton twirlers.  More will come.

So even though I couldn’t attend in person, I didn’t miss the opportunity.   I’m throwing this out there as a reminder of advertising.  Snapchat is not the best medium.  In fact, use it for building brand awareness among the under 25 crowd, but don’t expect immediate or direct results.

However, if there is a convention and it fits your target audience, advertise in their main brochure/book/or at the convention hall itself.  This type of targeted advertising has impact, more than it did 10 years ago because it cuts through the “noise” of standard advertising.  Advertising still works at the top of the funnel for prospecting, but, you  need to target our audience with a laser focus.  Try this… it is one great way to do it!

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Action Steps
1- Is there a convention or conference coming up (somewhere in the country) that is a good fit with your product… buy an ad!  Be at the event, without being at the event.
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