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Episode #146 – The Perfect Time To Post and Other Secrets of Social Media Marketing.

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“Wednesday at 10:32am is your best time to post” said the analyzing app on my smart phone.  I thought, “I wonder how many people buy that app for $2.99 and believe it?”

There is no best time to post except to post good content and that can happen anytime.  Why? Because when you give your followers what they want to read, they will find it.

If you rely on a app and, dang it, it’s Wednesday 10:24 am and I’ve got to post something because if I don’t, I’m missing that golden opportunity that only comes around once a week… crap… I have to find something to post… hurry method. Oh wait, there it is… cats figure skating to Abba!  I know, I know, I’m not a vintage record store, figure skating club, or cat lover site… but the video is funny.  There I sit anxiously with my finger over the enter button waiting for 10:32… PRESS enter, you are wasting your time!

Do not post, because you “have” to…

Post because of two things.
1) You have a content mission statement
2) You are building an audience based on the content mission statement

The content mission statement puts into perspective the type of content you need to create.  You need to figure out A) who is your base audience B) what you are going to give this audience (info, facts, advice, stories) and C) End Goals.

Base Audience: Let’s say you owned a marina, your base audience may be people that fish, or own boats over 40’, or rent pontoons – three VERY different audiences. You cannot possibly talk to each group the same way.  You must determine who your core audience is!

What will you give the audience: With these three audiences, will you provide fishing hot spots, or hiring a great live aboard crew for your boat, or planning a one time pontoon outing.  Again, tips, hints, advice comes in all sorts of varieties.  But you need to pick that audience to determine what you’ll give them.  You may need to break this down further into 3 or for main topics or themes.

End Goal:  Why are they reading?  This is not your goal… clearly your goal is to increase an audience.  But guess what  if you fulfill THEIR goal your goal will be met.  Why should someone spend 10 minutes reading your thoughts.  Is it they will spend less time looking for fish, they’ll get a crew that stays on the boat 10 years, or tons of wonderful memories from their pontoon outing.  End goal = super important.


You are building an audience.  When you switch to building an audience and giving them what they want for content, you won’t have to worry about what time is the best time to post!  They’ll be there waiting for you!

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Action Step
1- Write a content mission statement.  Take at least 30 minutes to go through A, B, and C above.  Write your mission statement down!  If your business has several profit centers, you may have a content mission statement for each profit center, it just depends on how your business is structured.
2- Write one blog post based on your content mission statement.
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