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Learn Your Audience Language

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Its time to get creative with your marketing.   I mean really level up your game.  The reason is the big companies are becoming quite innovative.  I read this article about companies developing and using emojis.  Who would have thought that the "colon and parentheses" :) we made a smile with would turn into a marketing language.  That's exactly how Dominos views it. It's a way to communicate with the customer in "their language". How do you find the language of your customer? Trial and error.  I made a slide show video that worked fantastic for an "older" target...

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Facebook Stuff to Check Out

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A few secret Facebook features to make your day easier. I read a great article this morning about Facebook features. I didn't know there were stock images available to use for free, that you could check out your competition by setting up a pages to watch feature, or that you could schedule posts from within the ad creation. There are a couple more tips, but I wanted to focus on these because they can really help your presence in the small pond. Starting with images. I recommend using your own photos from your business on ads, but sometimes it's...

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Too Frequent and Too Boring.

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Too frequent and too boring. These are the main reasons people unfollow a brand.   When creating a post you really need to focus on engagement. Mask yourself: why would someone want to read this information? If you can't answer that question... Try modifying the topic or move to a different topic. Learn what your audience desires. According to this awesome article I read most people state they desire photos, videos, customer reviews and company news. That seems logical. For one business I work with I like to consider my Facebook posts like our mini-news station. I'll put little...

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Images with Impact

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Images with impact. I find it astounding that in the time you tell a customer "I'll be with you in a minute" 72 new hours of video are posted on YouTube, 347,222 photos are shared online, and 3,472 images are pinned on Pinterest. That's every minute. So... Are any of those generated from you about your business or shared by your customers? Hummm... Seems like a fantastic opportunity. And after reading this article I really got to thinking about the power of images.  As your business grows you really need to provide great content to engage your fans. But,...

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Who Owns a Post?

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Who owns a post? I am fascinated by the legal gymnastics this article presents. I have a baton twirling site and watch as lots and lots of the photos that appear in my newsfeed have watermarks seemingly ignored by the people posting. But this article goes even further. There is an art exhibit created with Instagram photos "modified slightly" then printed to canvas. Several have sold at the $90,000 mark.

What if this were your photo... You posted an adorable photo of your grandparents. You didn't intend it for marketing or sales purposes. It was just a sweet...

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