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Images with Impact

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Images with impact. I find it astounding that in the time you tell a customer "I'll be with you in a minute" 72 new hours of video are posted on YouTube, 347,222 photos are shared online, and 3,472 images are pinned on Pinterest. That's every minute. So... Are any of those generated from you about your business or shared by your customers? Hummm... Seems like a fantastic opportunity. And after reading this article I really got to thinking about the power of images.  As your business grows you really need to provide great content to engage your fans. But, one area we overlook is images! The newest stat is people will spend less that 15 seconds on your webpage... Think about that! Less than 15 seconds. So images really are worth 1,000 words.   A powerful image will increase share-ability, too. A whopping 64.9% of shares on Facebook contain images. That's huge. So what makes awesome visual content? 1- strong topic 2- strong colors 3- correct size Pick a topic in your photo that is clear and strong. Something when you see it relates to your words but either piques curiosity or evokes emotion.   Colors will also evoke emotion. I had to use the color image from the article, it's outstanding. You can really see where company logos maximize this principle! Looks like BigFishIdeas is friendly and optimistic! Finally size matters! When you create an image you plan to use on Facebook and Twitter different parts of the photo will be exposed (or cut off). It will seem tedious, but if you've already spent so much time creating a perfect post... Take the extra time to get the greatest impact out of the image... It will help make it shareable. This article is one of the best resources to social platform sizes. Have fun creating some awesome visuals. Visit our site for more marketing ideas: BigFishIdeas   

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