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Learn How to Increase Sales by Attracting Positive People Simply By Discovering Your Positive Marketing Message

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Do you want to get rid of grumpy negative customers?

Your words mean things.  If you focus on a negative selling message, if you focus on negativity, you will attract negative people. 

Seems obvious, right?

Well how about this...

Your customers learn from you AND from what your business is saying.

When you turn your messaging positive and you will attract positive customers.  Here are three tips to Attracting Winners.

1-Surround yourself with positive people. 

2-Find your competitive advantage. 

3-Promote the things you do best. 

So how do you find out this information?


You can reveal this message in less than...

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I Want It. The Art of Social Selling.


I'm attending a conference in Florida and it's very inspiring.  The weather is beautiful and it puts me in a great frame of mind to find the creativity of selling.  While I was listening to a presentation this morning... I stumbled across something.  That's the "want" of social selling. Every post you create is to build your relationship with your audience.  Just like you wouldn't walk up to someone and start screaming "BUY THIS!", you must subtlety open the dialog in person.  Same holds true for online marketing.  Think about how you use social media, you're relaxed (wasting time) scrolling...

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5 Things... Wow, Inspiration on a Plane

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I took a great flight to Florida today.  It was a smooth flight, we arrived on time, and I got lots of work done on the plane.  I don't fly that often, but when I do it's like a full hour (or more) of quiet time.  I can read, and most important, think!  I did skim a couple books (reading the things that interested me) and then just as we were about to land, I pulled out the in-flight magazine... What a fantastic idea I found on the first page! It's the "Five things to know about Delta this month"...

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Learn Your Audience Language

marketing Next big thing Social marketing

Its time to get creative with your marketing.   I mean really level up your game.  The reason is the big companies are becoming quite innovative.  I read this article about companies developing and using emojis.  Who would have thought that the "colon and parentheses" :) we made a smile with would turn into a marketing language.  That's exactly how Dominos views it. It's a way to communicate with the customer in "their language". How do you find the language of your customer? Trial and error.  I made a slide show video that worked fantastic for an "older" target...

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Cheaters never win and winners never cheat... So the saying goes.   Amazon has taken this to a new level by naming individuals in a lawsuit for purchasing "good" reviews. If you were thinking of hiring a fiverr type site to gain positive feedback, think twice.  The article I just read shows Amazon closing down websites and bring suit against advertisers looking to harm the integrity of its feedback program. It's a bold move by Amazon and one to look to for leadership in online marketing.  Your terms of service are only as good as your willingness to enforce. Again,...

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