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I Want It. The Art of Social Selling.


I'm attending a conference in Florida and it's very inspiring.  The weather is beautiful and it puts me in a great frame of mind to find the creativity of selling.  While I was listening to a presentation this morning... I stumbled across something.  That's the "want" of social selling. Every post you create is to build your relationship with your audience.  Just like you wouldn't walk up to someone and start screaming "BUY THIS!", you must subtlety open the dialog in person.  Same holds true for online marketing.  Think about how you use social media, you're relaxed (wasting time) scrolling through the happy photos and BAM! "BUY THIS" comes around... totally annoying. When you post with the intent of a buy now message, ease into it.  This works best to put yourself in your fan's shoes, and figure out what they WANT.  You're selling a car. It's not that they want to see a photo of the outside of the car and a bunch of specs... show them the heavy duty mats in the back seat, easy clean up when the cereal gets ground into the mat, just hose it off!  That's a want... I am relaxed, can't stand cleaning the back seat, those floor mats really look awesome. This technique works for all messages, even non-profits looking for money, stop with the "I NEED" social media isn't about you... it's about your end user.  Focus on the benefit they get and watch your engagement rise.  Sun is calling me, gotta enjoy this a few minutes more! IMG_3805

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