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4- Thursday – Infinity Customers – Profit Center Coach — Two Minute Commute

Episode #408 – Trade a List to Build Your List

4- Thursday - Infinity Customers Blog content Content create a freemium to retain email addresses Customer retention idea Customers infinity marketing machine make more money from your list marketing small business owner advice Success tips Two Minute Commute

“The most crucial contact of all is the first one that the customer makes with your business, because if you lose him here, he’s likely lost forever.” When I read this inspiration, the first thing that came to mind is my front line employees.  At our marina, often the first point of contact is our […]

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Episode #402 – How Would You Like 50 Million Dollars in 19 Days?

4- Thursday - Infinity Customers Content create a tribe Customers earn 50 million dollars infinity marketing machine marketing provide content followers want to read Real world small business owner advice Success tips Two Minute Commute

“Innovation distinguishes between a Leader and a follower” Steve Jobs How would you like $50,000,000 in 19 days?  Don’t think it’s possible?  All you have to do is get 50,000,000 people to send you one dollar! Seem impossible?  Well… I have no idea if this is what happened, but I was looking at Facebook and […]

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Episode #396 – What On Earth Are You Attracting?

4- Thursday - Infinity Customers attract customers you want to work with Blog content create a tribe you want to do business with Customers infinity marketing machine marketing small business tip Success tips Tribe Building turn customers from one and done to infinity Two Minute Commute

“Today is a New Beginning” Hate your customers.  Find new ones. Is it really that easy?  YES. But you have to be willing to decide to do this… now this seems like an odd conversation right from the get go! I mean, why do you hate your customers? Well… if you hate your customers, the […]

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Episode #390 – The Secret is Focusing on the Right Thing

4- Thursday - Infinity Customers Blog content build a tribe create infinity customers create products for your tribe Customers don't split your focus infinity marketing machine marketing Tribe Building Two Minute Commute

“Limits are where Infinity ends…” You have successfully built a business with customers and they like you. You enjoy being in business… now what? This is when many entrepreneurs go crazy and start expanding, adding more product lines… etc.  It’s a creative mind gone wild.  The excuse is that you need (or want) to make […]

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Episode #384 – The Reason Your Customers Need Information Is…

4- Thursday - Infinity Customers add FAQ's to website Customers enhance your website infinity marketing machine marketing small business increase sales take the time to eduate your customers Two Minute Commute

“These days, people want to learn before they buy, be educated instead of pitched.” – Brian Clark Look at this brand new car, it’s a shiny shade of bright red. Imagine driving down the road with the wind in your hair as the top is down and your favorite music is on the radio. I […]

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