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Episode #402 – How Would You Like 50 Million Dollars in 19 Days?

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“Innovation distinguishes between a Leader and a follower” Steve Jobs

How would you like $50,000,000 in 19 days?  Don’t think it’s possible?  All you have to do is get 50,000,000 people to send you one dollar!

Seem impossible?  Well… I have no idea if this is what happened, but I was looking at Facebook and the following infographic appeared on my feed.

Here’s the deal, I am absolutely fascinated by this infographic.  Not because it’s porn.  That’s a little strange… but I think we have a lot to learn from this industry.

They did in 19 days what it took the ATM’s 18 years to do… and that’s capture 50 million users!

If you want to talk about tribe building and creating a following of infinity customers, let’s explore this!  If everyone in your following gave you $1 how much would you have?  And that’s where the Porn Hub site just intrigues me.  Imagine in 19 days you had 50,000,000 followers – 50 million!  That’s so many people.  Now imagine if they all just gave you $1 for your services.

Again, I really have no idea what their business model is, but I’m guessing there is a financial side that they charge at least a dollar for… so in 19 days… just 19 days they created what took airlines 78 years to accomplish!

Never ever say there are not enough people to follow you… the internet is HUGE so if you have an idea, simply decide to do it.  How many MORE followers can you have in 19 days?  Apparently 50 million is no longer unattainable!  If they did it, why can’t you?!!

The thing is you can’t just hope or expect this to happen, followers follow because you lead. You lead by having a clear path and provide information that unites the group.  The “easiest” way to do this is through content!  Provide your followers something interesting to read and more will find you!  For example: You might be interested in this… it’s my free guide I wrote “Little Millionaire Your common cents approach to creating a million dollars.”


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Action Steps

1- Develop a path to gain more followers by creating a list of topics they want to learn about!  Write 10 on a piece of paper and write one each day… then share on your site every other day… just wait, see if it works!
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