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Episode #408 – Trade a List to Build Your List

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“The most crucial contact of all is the first one that the customer makes with your business, because if you lose him here, he’s likely lost forever.”

When I read this inspiration, the first thing that came to mind is my front line employees.  At our marina, often the first point of contact is our entry level customer service crew.  For most, it’s their first job!

Now… I think this is the case for most businesses.  When you stop at McDonalds (inside) the first person you see is often the cashier because they take your order.  When you go to a retail clothing store, it’s the host at the front… and at a restaurant, again it’s the host stand.

My next thought with this statement was signage!  When you pull into the driveway you see a sign or a series of signs, and again our marina is no different.

My third thought was about my website… did you even think about that?  To keep and retain customers, what does your website look like?

I am very aware of my web presence and it was the third thing I thought of when I read this inspiration… so I have to rationally come to the conclusion that others may never think of their website when it comes to realizing you may lose your customer forever when they visit your site!

How often do you visit a website, never to return?  Why?  Is it because the site was ugly or didn’t have the information you needed… there are many reasons, but the one thing that will help your retention is a freemium!  A “freemium” is a type of gift that is traded for an email.  It does not have to be a physical gift, the most effective can be an electronic download of information by words or video!  It’s a special creative piece of information that a customer wants to help enhance their visit.

Many websites have a download PDF of a top 10 list or book…even a video “how to” series.  Get it — You can trade a Top 10 List to build your names on your list!  (see… the title makes sense)  Anyway… Many pieces of information are helpful to your customer and retaining their email helps you to make their visit to your website a welcoming experience.

This email then feeds into your Infinity Marketing Machine which allows you to continue to nurture your relationship for… well… infinity!

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