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Episode #311 – Why Are You Leaving Me?

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“Customers Flee for a Reason. You Need to Give Them Reasons Not to Stay.”

I’ve talked about it before, but your Customer Prevention Department can provide a useful service.  Sometimes you don’t even know it’s in full operation! Therefore, you’ve got to pay attention to why your customers leave.

Let’s back up a tad.  Part of the Infinity Marketing Machine is the ability to create an environment to attract customers that you want to work with.  Now, in an ideal world you create a profile of the customer based on your favorite customer you already have and then you attract more of them!

However, you will attract customers that are not ideal.  As long as this customer does not kill your desire to open your doors for business in the morning, you want to keep them.  I mean, it’s silly to turn someone away that pays you on time.

That’s why when a customer from this latter category leaves, you’ve got to find out why.  Sure your marketing is going to target an “ideal” but you want to retain those people that pay.  Otherwise all the work you put into converting them into an infinity customer is wasted.

Remember, the goal is to move your business model from a “one and done” to an “infinity customer” and this is a person that will stick around as long as they are happy or as long as they are in need of your services.

Wait… Define services.

As a marina, one would think that when the customer sells a boat that they are done.  When you use an infinity mindset there’s always something to sell that customer, whether it’s boat club membership or day rentals.  You also have the ability to keep them with the ongoing marketing of your newsletter.

Therefore, the simple explanation of a customer left because they “sold” a boat is not a main criteria for their departure from your marketing world.  You need to keep in contact with customers to determine the reason they leave, either in person or via survey… this is extremely important when switching to the Infinity Marketing Machine.  Finding and stopping “leaks” in your system is critical!

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Action Steps
1-  When a customer leaves you need to know why… create a system to determine the cause whether it’s by survey or conversation.  Keep track of this information and solve the problem!
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