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Episode #312 – You’ve Gotta Start, Just Write.

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“Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress” Seth Godin

When I made the jump to create my Infinity Marketing Machine there was a lot of “chicken and egg” going on — I really didn’t know where to start.

So I just picked one and started.  And that’s my advice to you… just pick one and start.

It gets to be an overwhelming task to switch your effort from traditional marketing to “new marketing”.  After all, it’s comfortable to spend money on advertising, knowing you’re doing something.  But the concept of not spending money and instead focusing on developing relationships is terrifying.

I look at it like the decision I made to quit running ads in the yellow pages.  Remember that big book of telephone numbers?  It’s was 5″ thick!  You’d place one ad, once a year, and the phone would ring.  But about 15 years ago, Google made a paper yellow pages obsolete. It was a hard decision to stop placing an ad in the yellow pages.  Some of this is due to the sales person calling and following up and following up again. But, there comes a “common sense” time when you simply realize it’s silly to continue the same path.  That’s when I made the leap and quit placing the ad.

Well, the Infinity Marketing Machine is along those lines.  You hear the success stories of other people and you know you’ll have success, but you have to make that decision to start.  The starting is hard, you are completely unsure of the best path.  You have some of the moving pieces because you already send sales letters or you have a beginning of an email list.  But really abiding by the content and consistency rule is hard to wrap your head around.   I mean, what if no one likes what you write?

Don’t worry about that!  Just write.

Being consistent only depends on you.  You’re the one that sets your schedule. Pick a day/time that you will be able to post without fail.  You see, it’s not my perfect schedule that needs to be followed, it’s your ability to make progress.

When you start on this journey it will be messy, but when you start… that’s the important thing! Capture emails and begin a weekly newsletter.  Then just keep going and add more pieces as you go along.

Don’t wait for perfect, it will never come!  Start, make progress, and I bet the vision you have of “perfect” right now will change into something completely different two months from now.  But the most exci

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