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Episode #199 – How to Create Your Infinity Marketing Machine

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“Good Things Take Time”

The Infinity Marketing Machine is awesome, but it’s not something that will be in place tomorrow.  It’s also something that needs constant evolution.

Just remember it will take time.

Therefore, you’ve got to start.  The problem is you might wonder where… you might be worried that you’ll do this wrong if you pick the wrong starting point.  The good news is that you can’t start in the wrong place.

I recommend starting at the bottom of the funnel and adding strength to your final selling pieces of information.  This can be done with photos of the item, fact sheets, links to sales information on the manufacturer site, how to afford it, financing tools, videos, testimonials.  Any type of information that your customer asks for or uses during the final stages of the sale.

The reason I recommend starting at this phase is to enhance your ability to close sales that are in front of you.  Don’t lose them!

However, if you are more interested in creating pieces that compare/contrast your product or creating top ten lists that link back to your site, then start with those.  You’re new to the whole process of the Infinity Marketing Machine.  Therefore, it’s important to start!

Eventually you’ll come back to whatever phase you have not done, but in the meantime a customer will appreciate the information you write.  The reason they’ll appreciate it is because if content speaks to them it becomes useful.  Think of your own shopping habits, you like helpful information, so will your customers.

If you think you need a freemium, right now, go for it.  The freemium is another phase of the Infinity Marketing Machine.  It’s more intense on your workload, but as in my case, it was something I considered very important because it was a great way to build my list.  Mine was a 15 page book.  It took a great deal of time, but it was worth the effort, most people that request my book, go to the next phase of my funnel.

Strong and purposeful social marketing is the core of building your Infinity Marketing Machine. It does take time, however, when compared to the scattered and random creation of content, this process is time well spent.


SME + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers = Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1- Think about your process for closing a sale in one of your profit centers.  What are 3 pieces of information, fact sheets, tools are needed…
2- Create a new video, PDF, or link on your website!  Help your customers during the critical closing phase.
3- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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