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Paint the Sidewalk… Take a Photo.

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Cool Idea Alert!  I found this photo flipping through my Facebook feed and came across an interesting idea…  This is a photo of a friend of mine that was on a break from judging her baton competition.  She was walking through the parking lot and took this photo!

So, what’s so awesome about this photo?

She’s using this photo as her profile pic!  That means she not only posted it, but changed her profile.  The painting on the asphalt is a giant animal paw print.  OK it was a bright orange tiger paw that’s easy to recognize.

Dang! How cool is that, it was Clemson’s Paw Print. It’s a nice photo of her, she clearly likes the school… let’s admit it she likes it so much it’s her profile photo.


SOOOOOOOOOO figure out how you can use this trick.  If you don’t want to paint, use chalk.  Maybe you have a tip of the week (or tip till it rains) — If you have a destination business, paint your logo or “wish you were here” or anything that gets your visitor  to snap a photo and share with the world!  Super easy, super cheap, and very impactful.

I’ve seen business use signs to mark landmarks, photo points, or scenic views… but I’ve never seen it done with paint on a drive way.

Cool idea! Think about it!


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Action Steps
1- Create a photo stop!  It could be a sign, map on the wall, or painting on the driveway…just something that’s unexpected and memorable.
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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