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Episode #198 – Red Rover… Send Your FAQ’s Right Over

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“The market belongs to the one who has the best customer acquisition system.” G Leavitt

Customer Acquisition System sounds like an ominous term.  In fact, it sounds like something super complicated wrapped up in a bundle of confusion.

Let’s break this down…

Customer Acquisition System… OK… “System” – that’s easy.   It could be a process, a pattern, a way of doing something.  Perfect, that’s easier.  “Customer”, people that exchange money for something you sell.  That’s also easy.  Now… “Acquisition”, come to your side… get on board… come here.  (Kind sounds like the game “red rover”) – Do you remember this game?  The opposing team would yell… Red rover, red rover, send Jimmy right over –  then Jimmy would come running across the field at full speed trying to bust through the interlocked arms of the opposing team.  What a game!  Nothing can go wrong with that game!  I remember lots of kids smashing into each other and tumbling into a pile.  I cannot believe we didn’t break bones playing red rover oh well, we got bruises… but no breaks.

Back to Customer Acquisition System…

The quote says, gain a bigger market share by figuring out how to attract customers!

How do you currently attract your customers?  Possibly you create an ad and wait for the phone to ring.  That works.  This has been the traditional method of customer acquisition for decades.  The Infinity Marketing Machine is a little different.  You can still place ads to attract customers, but once you do attract them, you want to build a relationship.  Give them information they are looking for and continue to treat them like an insider.

It really goes a step further and you learn to attract the customer with information.  One great secret is to come up with every question you’ve ever been asked about a particular product or service you sell and answer them.  I like to call it “The Big Bad List of Questions”.   This is actually a very helpful tool for customers.  I enjoy reading FAQ’s.  It helps me figure out what further questions  I need to ask.


From a business standpoint FAQ’s are HUGE.  Customers spend a great deal of time researching on their own, the FAQ page can really help you share information (and like in my case) help customers ask different questions when they call or stop in.  It is a nice time management tool for both customers and businesses.  Here’s the list of questions I created for our boat club.  I started to get tired while I was typing, so the answers started getting pretty creative.  Here’s the deal.  That’s totally OK – adding your personality helps build a bond with your customers.

This type of bond at the FAQ level helps to train your customer to understand your policies and at the same time get insider information, it’s kind of like training them for your Infinity Marketing Machine!  The FAQ list takes on a whole different role when you look at it this way, doesn’t it?!?!

So you see, building that bond really does help you in the area of customer acquisition.  The big difference in our digital world is that you can create information with all sorts of formats including; photos, infographics, words, video, not just advertisements.  So take time and start to think about what your customers are looking for and provide it!

Start with an FAQ list!

SME + Content/Consistency + Goals/Motivation + Customers = Infinity Marketing Machine

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Action Steps
1- Pick one area of your business and create an FAQ list.  This might be used online or it could be used in your store.  But write down every question you’ve ever been asked in that area… then answer the questions!  Make sure to then post on your website or create a hand out!
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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