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Episode #173 – Ever Buy 10 CD’s for One Penny?

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You notice a problem or situation you want to change.   You think it should be changed.  You may even want to change it.  But you don’t.  Why?

Because most change is out of your comfort zone and that makes it scary.

Imagine being back in Middle School or Junior High (terrifying, I know – haha) – but there you are.  You’ve been transported back in time to a place where… if you wanted to go to the bathroom you needed permission and a hall pass.  Your life was controlled by “bells” that started and stopped each class.  What you were wearing could make or break your social life.  Now imagine the unknown of high school.  You saw it on movies, and it looked… well, overwhelming.

Fortunately you were forced to go to high school.  If people had choice, they may stay in middle school forever.  (I have no idea who that would be, however, I’ve seen some of the crap people are putting on T shirts these days “Adulting is Hard” and I’m convinced their mind has not left middle school) but that ‘s another topic for another day!

What I’m saying is sometimes the action is forced.  You have no choice but to leave the comfort of the known and venture in to the uncomfortable.   Forced can mean a general path of evolution such as the path from middle school to high school.  But, sometimes it can mean an entire shift is how you do things.

Do you remember finding a flier in the Sunday newspaper, and MAILING a penny taped to your Columbia house CD order sheet then waiting for your package of 10 free cd’s to arrive by mail?

Today, if you want music… you get music, TODAY.

That business model was forced to change.  But the basic principle has not.  There is an underlying current of same.

There’s an offer for membership, payment for products, and building traffic.

When you think of social marketing and you become overwhelmed and don’t see a point in changing your ways, think music.

You need to understand how to use social marketing to communicate your message so your product survives.  If you are lucky your product will remain relevant and you need only adapt it’s channel to market.  But in the case of CD’s through the mail… the distribution and the product are both gone… “POOF!”


The concept of a membership based business is more alive than ever!  Look no further than your computer programs.   You no longer buy a program, you rent it.  I get dog treats through the mail every month.  (Hummmm that mail thing is still around, but I learned about a Bark Box on social media, and purchased it digitally)

You may be afraid to take action when it comes to social marketing.  You see the problem and know it should be addressed, but taking action is scary.  Just like there was orientation to High School and everyone survived.  Find the “orientation” to smooth the transition to your next phase.  Most likely that will come from learning, the learning gets you to “doing” and that’s where real change happens!  Subscribe to my blog, I’ll guide you!

Question of the Post:
What are the two biggest barriers you feel with trying to adapt social marketing to your business? answer here

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Action Steps
1- Think back to when you started your business, what did you do different “back then” that you no longer do now
2- Write down how this process is better today than it used to be. – use this as your guide for the next change you want to make.  You’ve done it before, you can do it again!
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