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Episode #176 – What Happens at 2:00 If You Drop Your Phone in the Sink?

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This morning I found my inspiration on Twitter… “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” Alexander Graham Bell

it states that preparation is the key to success.  Lovely words but over the past two days we’ve discovered that our reality is what we have now and to have achievement you need to know what you want.

Where does this preparation thing come into place?

I’m a big believer in goal achievement.  Not goal setting.  But actually creating the goal and a workable path to achieving it… if you can’t achieve it in the time frame you set, then adjust it, but ultimately keep going.

Then, considering today’s inspiration, where the heck does preparation come into the picture?  After all, you can sit in your living room with the best tour of Italy plotted on a map in front of you, bags packed, passport in hand, but if the airlines go on strike… you ain’t prepared.

Preparation means plan Q, R, S…

If the airlines go on strike, take a flight on a different airline, go by ship, OR have trip insurance so you can be refunded.

You need to be prepared!

What happens if your website goes down?  Let’s evaluate that and suppose you conduct a significant amount of business on your website… and it crashes.  What do you do?

This is one very good reason to have social media sites.  Immediately post that your website is down and list your phone number so people can contact you.  Then… make sure you have the contact info to get a hold of the site technical team – WRITE this on a piece of paper, now.

“Computers” are tricky.  They are super awesome (when they work). When they do not… it’s awful.  What happens right now if your phone drops into the kitchen sink full of water?  Do you have it backed up… can you access that back up?  Meaning do you know the password and location?

How about your computer, it power surges… what then?

How about if YouTube locks you out of your account, do you have downloads of all of your videos so you can upload somewhere else… NOT the links to YouTube… but the ACTUAL digital file?  If they close your account you’re done.  Down load these.

This is critical.  I’m pretty safe to say we’ve all had some piece of technology in our lives “crash” at one time.  It sucks.  I mean really bad.  Today you’re going through your day and all is good.  But what about the 5,000 photos on your phone, what if at 2:00 today they disappear.  It might be time to back up your files.  Just sayin!

Question of the Post:
What’s your biggest “horror” story of technology letting you down?

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Action Steps
1- Write down a list of passwords, websites, contact numbers
2- Back up your phone
3- Video/record the contents in your home and business… just whip out that camera and walk around room to room… doesn’t have to be perfect.
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