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Episode #93 – Quit Hitting the Internet Snooze Button!

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The dreaded alarm… it buzzes and your hand immediately flies out from the covers and smash, the sound goes away for 9 minutes.

My college roommate hated me.  About two weeks into my sophomore year, she said (disgusted), would you just set the alarm for the time you actually get out of bed.  I laugh.  Because it’s simple!  Don’t start your day with a lie!  Set the alarm for the time you will get up, not the time you hope to get up. Haha.

Today’s inspiration is not about hitting the snooze button, it’s about follow through.  Especially when it comes to you!  You are running a business and meet all deadlines.  You fill orders successfully and you pay bills on time.  On the surface it looks like you are amazing.

Now we’ll take a closer look.  What do you tell yourself that you don’t follow through on?  Do you say I’m going to create a blog or Podcast and never do?  Or that you’ll add certain items to an online store but you do not?  Maybe you have the intention to post every day but your last post is from 3 months ago.

Here’s the funny thing about the snooze button, we all have one, especially when it comes to Social Media and the internet.  We always tell ourselves that “we’ll post later” or “we’ll update later” or “we’ll add that later”

Later is today!

I gave a presentation two years ago and someone stopped me afterward and said, yeah, but we’re a summer business why would we post in the winter.  My reply, what do you think of businesses who’s last post is from Christmas and it’s April?  I just gave a seminar a month ago… again, someone asked me, yeah, but how can this information about posting regularly help our club?  I said, “have you ever looked or researched something before you joined… and their last post was 18 months ago?”

The internet and social media are often the last place the business owner updates, but are often the first place customers go.  This is why you post regularly.

Quit hitting the internet snooze button.

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Action Step
1- Quit hitting the Internet Snooze Button
2- Look at your social media accounts and websites, what needs to be updated?   Update these today.  Just get your time stamp for today.   Then post regularly.  If it’s once a week or every day – whatever you select, stick to it and be consistent.
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