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Episode #389 – Be A (Blank) Leader

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“Bad leaders care about who is right… good leaders care about what is right” SSinek

Good business create good memories, bad businesses create bad memories… so the word memories has a unique position in our language.  It just exists, and only by the word before it, “good or bad” does it have meaning.

Well…  that was kind of deep. Haha

I guess as you’re looking for motivation – realize you are a leader.  Even if it’s just you in your business, you are the leader of your tribe.  The very people that have exchanged cash for your product/service believe in you.  I mean, think about it, they gave you money!

The reason they gave you money is because they trusted you.  So the best thing you can do for them is provide leadership! Now just like memories… leadership is a neutral word.  Until you pick “good or bad” to go ahead of it… it’s pretty blah.

Your tribe deserves a good leader! This is a person that will care about what is right for the group.  You want to make sure you are providing great information they care about.  You can market your products and services to this group, but your goal is to build a bond.  Remember this!  A good leader provides information and products that the group desires, a bad leader just “sells” without regard to sharing information the tribe needs.

Today… focus on being a good leader for your tribe!

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