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Episode #150 – What is Success?

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What do successful people do?  There’s a loaded question.  You have to figure out which successful people.  But more important, you need to determine what is successful.  In fact, they might not even consider themselves as, “successful”.  How’s that for silly!  The reason is… “success” is relative.

Unless there is a clock “to beat” or a team “to beat” what is successful?  Success is how you define it.  If you own a business and see your competitor down the street as having twice as many cars in their parking lot as you.  Are they more successful? You need more information.  For example, how big is their parking lot?  If their parking lot is only 1/8th full and regularly it is full… are they more successful?

Another question to ask is how full was their parking lot when they were at the exact stage of their business as you?  If you are comparing your 3 year old business to a 25 year old business are you being fair to yourself?

Therefore, be very careful defining success.  You could drive yourself crazy!

I like today’s inspiration because “action triggers results which triggers success”.  You cannot have success without results and the results come from action.  Your parking lot has nothing to do with a competitor’s parking lot.  It’s irrelevant.  What is important is how full your parking lot is compared to your parking lot the last time you did a similar thing.

For example, if a month ago you created an email about the sale of a special T shirt and your 12 stall parking lot filled up, cool.  Today you created an email about another special T shirt and you have 12 stalls full.  That’s a “fair” comparison.  Well, sort of  – it’s a visual example for this post.  The better thing to measure is sales.  If you did $100 in sales the first time and $110 the next…that’s what you really need to measure.  And, I’m sure someone out there will say it’s not sales but revenue… however, you get my point.

What I’m trying to get you to realize is that the email is the important part of the story.

You took action and created an email that drove sales.   Without the email there would be no result, and there would be no success.  The parking lot has nothing to do with it!  Focus on the email and the T shirts will sell.

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