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Episode #152 – The Secret of a Successful Business Owner

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What’s your fuel?  The quote I picked today, “Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you drive in.” You’ve got a path and a vehicle, but what makes the vehicle go?  That’s the secret… You need fuel… you need motivation!

It’s not enough to say, here’s my goal and here’s my plan.  You’ve had these discussions with yourself, plan A isn’t going well, so you “pivot” and go with plan C.  It’s just a curve in the road.  You continue to be persistent and chug along.  See… it’s the chug along part.  You continue to chug along.  What makes to chug…?

There are days when you feel less than motivated.  You simply want to stop.  Guess what, it’s OK to want to stop. Your mind just wants a break.  Recognize the difference between not wanting to do something anymore and simply needing a break.

The way to tell the difference is to seek a little downtime.  If your calendar doesn’t allow a full vacation, take a 30 minute one.  Go for a walk.  Unplug your device. Just clear your head.   If you feel better, go to the next step and feed your mind.  Read a book or listen to one.  Your choose, fiction or non-fiction!  But get your head out of the grind.

Do something fun.  For me making money is fun.  That’s my hobby.  So, listing something on ebay, “just because” is fun.  You might paint, clean, or exercise.  Whatever it is, just do it.

When you get so involved in the grind that you feel worn out, recognize that you need a pick-me up!  Check out the article on my site, it just might inspire you.  Most important, realize that it’s “OK” to take a break to refuel!

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Action Steps
1- Take a break.  Simply “get away” for 30 minutes…
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Did you get any new/good/inspiring ideas for your business during your break time?

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