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Episode #145 – Get Casual When You Blog, Share Your Personality!!

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So what is authenticity?  It’s the real you!  How do you get it?  By being you!

Let’s explore this for your online presence.  And this is a tricky topic because if you’re reading this, the chance of you remembering a time before the internet are pretty darn good.  Isn’t that odd that there are actually people walking the earth that only know the world with an internet?!?!  I think that makes the rest of us pretty lucky!  I mean, the internet is ok, somedays awesome… and some days, yuck!! (with two exclamation marks) but we’re lucky remember a time without the internet because that means we remember “formal speak”.

Back up.

WTH is “formal speak”… it’s not using WTH in your communication writing… it’s not using “…” or two exclamation marks.  (for the record, I rarely use two exclamation marks)!! Oops.  Did it again.

Here’s the deali-o… to be authentic you must speak authentically, regardless of what Mr. Wierson, Mr. Gulbrandson, or Mr. Aamodt would say.  (that’s my 10th grade, 9th grade, and 7th grade English Teachers)  Dang, if they’re reading this, they’d be HIGHLY disappointed in my English style.  However, in an era of “formal speak” they’d be correct.  Today, we simply don’t have a lot of “formal speak” going on.

We used to have a very formal, cold, almost “stand offish” approach to communicating.  Do you remember the newscasts of the late 80’s and early 90’s… yikes.  Their “banter” was painful!  Now with the “talking-heads” the chit-chat it’s a little less nauseating.  Well, if you can hear them… often everyone on TV is just screaming at each other.  (roll eyes)

This “casualization” of our society is a little hard for some of us to grasp.  We are fearful to jump in and write or get on camera in a casual mind-set because we’re worried about imperfection.  The best part about the transformation away from “formal speak” is that imperfection is “OK”!  To be authentic you must be imperfect.

Imperfect is different from unprepared.  You still need to be prepared, but letting your personality shine through in your writing or speaking will help build your authenticity and thus your rapport with your audience.

You need to do this!  You need to bring your personality through in your posts, it’s important.  People (customers) want to deal with REAL people (businesses).

I went a little “further” into the casualization of my non-formal speak in this post to prove a point.  I am real. I am authentic.  And yes, in real life I make up words… like casualization… honestly, there are times I’m kinda a walking dictionary (that only I understand)!!

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Action Step
1- Write a post and do it as if you are talking to a friend.  Move away from “formal speak” to a more casual conversation.
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