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Episode #141 – Make Your Goal A Reality, No Dreams Allowed.

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“You can’t do that!”  It’s an easy phrase… isn’t it.  Easy to say.  But hearing it can do one of two things, shut you down or make you go.

Funny, complete opposite reactions to one phrase, but if someone tells you that you can’t… you either won’t or you’ll try harder!  Let’s explore the “won’t” option… Someone says you can’t OR they do things to sabotage you, that could be actually standing in your way or simply cutting your idea or plan down. Why do you let them?  If it’s because you feel powerless, stop it.  I just asked the question, “Why do you let them (cut you down)?”  The key word is “LET”! You are not powerless, the key word is three letters long but give you your power back.  Don’t LET them poo-poo on your goal!

If you have the negative people in your life that just don’t get it… distance yourself from them.  Sadly, that could even mean that you just don’t talk about the goal with them.  Find your support structure from another person or group.  Use that as the motivator to achieve your goal…

Now, there is a caution side to this fun bit of motivation and that’s the know when to say when.  Today’s inspiration talks about goals.  Goals are based on plans and the plans have targeted deadlines or mini-goals along the way.  If you are in a “dream” phase where the people around you are telling you to stop or quit and it’s your “dream” to continue.  Listen to them.  Dreams have no plans, they are simply wishes.  So stop, figure out how to turn the dream into a plan by making it an achievable goal.  Then tell them the plan with the mini-goals along the way.  Work toward that.

Dreams are fine when you sleep, but you need goals when you’re awake!

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Action Step
1- Are you dreaming or goaling?  Does that great big desire have a plan or are you waiting for pixie dust?  If it’s pixie dust… change to a plan and turn the dream to a goal.
2- Do one thing, one “check off”, on the plan to achieve the goal!
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