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Episode #130 – Day 100, In a Row… Now it’s Your Turn

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So here I am at Day 100, in a row, of my project to create a blog.  Today’s inspiration was found on a Linked In post yesterday…

“A lot of us go through life carrying around things, ideas, mistakes, regrets, and habits – all of which no longer serve us. It’s time to let some of that just go. Clear out your life’s “closet” and make room for new.” CPodesta

I found it fitting because for so many months, and even about a year, I didn’t think I could create a consistent blog.  I’ve read the information about how important it is and I believed it was important.  But just as the inspiration implies we have a lot of baggage we carry around with us and that holds true as we venture into a social media marketing plan.

You’ve heard the advice of creating a consistent posting plan along a general theme that will be relevant to your readers.

But have you started?

OR have you figured that you have things to ship, places to go, items to create, and in general (be honest) just don’t see the relevance of posting consistently?

In the past three months I’ve had 286 visitors and 60 likes… PS: Thank you on the likes!!!

I’m certain there are people that post who have 286 visitors and 60 likes within the first one minute they post one thing… and I had a post earlier this week that said you cannot compare your “behind the scenes” with someone else’s “highlight reel” – I share my numbers with you to give you the opportunity to see what real life is like!  This is real.  I posted for one hundred days in a row and I’m thrilled with my numbers… I cannot compare myself with someone that began posting 5 years ago, unless I compare my first 100 days with their first 100 days.

I make this point to encourage you all to start on your social media marketing venture, now.  I like to refer back to my other post about “when is the best time to plant a tree, 20 years ago… when is the second best time, now” – you have to choose to start without the regret of not starting earlier.  Look toward the future. Where do you want to be in 30 or 100 days.  If you start today, and write twice a week, you will have 8 posts by the end of the month.

It is that simple!

Here are two other fun things that happened along the way… I started without a name of the podcast and my original “social squares” did not have episode numbers, so as you go along your journey, it’s OK to start and figure it out as you go along!

PS:   Thanks to my podcast followers, I’ve had over 1,400 listens in my first 100 days… Let’s see where we’ll be at the end of the next 100 days.

PS: if you love my post, give it a “like”!

Action Step
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2- Pick your theme and start
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