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Episode #129 – Focus for Success – Especially with Social Media Marketing

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Do you know what your really want? Cool that’s one part of achieving it!

When you really know what you want you can implement your plan for goal achievement and achieve success.  Let’s look at your social media marketing plan… do you know what you really want there?

Probably not.

If you are like most small businesses you have a general idea of what you want to do, but an actual plan escapes you.  This isn’t bad.  It gives you lots of room to improve.  If you feel overwhelmed by your social media, it’s possible that you need to develop a plan of attack.

Start with your content mission statement.  This is the one concise umbrella statement that combines your general marketing mission with your desire to communicate with your audience. If you interested in increasing sales and want to be recognized for helpful tips within your 15 mile radius, than every post you create will enhance or support your goal just stated.

Next plot it on a calendar.  Take the next month and write all of your business “important dates”.  These could be a big special event or a small festival in your town.  Seeing when these real world activities are taking place will help you “backward build” to give you topics to talk about and promote!  Other dates on your calendar can be filled in with topics that support your content mission statement.

ALSO — big tip coming… make sure to plot on the calendar ANY deadlines you write on your web pages… for example if you put a special offer “expires” June 17… you better make sure that June 18 that old date is not still showing!

Finally, start.  You need to be consistent.  However, it’s hard to be consistent if you do not start.  So make the leap and understand this small bit of information… often your customer visits your website or social media posts first… and often for a small business it’s the last place you update!  YIKES!

That should give you a little motivation!

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Action Step
1- Develop a content mission statement
2- Create a calendar of important dates for the next month
3- Add your targeted goal for posts on the calendar
4- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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