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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 934 – How Can You Serve?

5- Friday - Big Money big money Customers DoingInfinity good neighbor marketing marketing Real world serve your cusotmers small business blog small business blogger small business idea small business marketing social marketing Success tips Tribe Building

Thursday Blog Topic: Infinity Customer – Quote: “Everybody can be great because anybody can serve.” Martin Luther King Jr.   The virus is awful.  Schools closed, restaurants closed, businesses closed.  There are lots of memes on the internet… OK, my favorite is the one that says, “in about 3 weeks we’ll find out what everyone’s […]

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TribeologyBlog.com – Episode 554 – A Short and Sweet Post

6- Saturday - Try This! create a mood create a vibe Creative Customers marketing Real world small business blog small business idea Success tips

Saturday: Try This Create an Experience!  Look at this candy display…  It evokes the “Old School” general store feel with a little nostalgia in the middle of the fancy hotel. Why is this important? Look in the jars… there are Tootsie Rolls, suckers, and other “penny” candies… it looks like Jolly Ranchers…  Super ordinary candy. […]

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Ask Better Questions

angry customer audio blog better questions customer service Customers marketing ProfitCenterCoachShow Real world small business idea small business marketing storytelling Success tips tips for small business

Did you fall?  Clearly the person is on the ground… What happens when you start to ask better questions?  Earlier this week I had the opportunity to listen to a customer on the phone with his credit card company.  He spent over 10 minutes, calm as can be, until the problem was resolved.  When he […]

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Success Tip – Digital Photo Frames!

Content Creative digital photo frame dog day care doggy day care Images marketing marketing idea marketing ideas for small business mr pancake photos of customers Real world small business idea small business marketing small business tips Success tips teddy bear golden doodle

I grew up with dogs.  They always just kind of hung out in the house.  We’d let them outside, play with them, and that was about it.  Prior to adopting Mr. Pancake, a Teddybear Goldendoodle from Mobile, Alabama, I’d drive by doggy day care facilities and really wonder what their business model was all about. […]

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Bright Idea!

cash register Creative hardware store hardware store marketing impulse items led light switch marketing portable lights Real world small business idea small business marketing Success tips

I went to the hardware store yesterday. I love going to our local hardware store because they have a popcorn maker.  Free bags of popcorn, rock!  But that’s now why I’m writing. I found the garbage bags that I needed to buy and I headed...

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