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Bright Idea!

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I went to the hardware store yesterday. I love going to our local hardware store because they have a popcorn maker.  Free bags of popcorn, rock!  But that’s now why I’m writing.

I found the garbage bags that I needed to buy and I headed for the check out counter.  That’s when I noticed a cool product sitting next to the cash register.  It’s a light switch.  It is not an electrical unit, it’s a battery operated flip style switch plate.  You peel off the sticker and presto magic you have a light anywhere you want.

The store associate noticed I was admiring them.  Well, actually I turned on the super bright light and saw spots… then I turned it on a again and once again saw spots.  I guess I just don’t learn, haha.  Anyway, when I said, “this is a really cool product” she started to tell me all about how many have sold!  She explained that when she came in the day before two cartons of 12 had been sitting on the bottom shelf.  She noticed them and thought they needed to be in a prime area, like right next to the counter.

Once she changed the location, she sold out of an entire case in one hour!  She went on to say she often changes the items by the cash register to keep her regular customers buying impulse items.  I thought that was pretty cool.  It’s always fun for me to visit stores, notice something, and find out the back stories like this.

If you have a story to share – email me, at Big Fish Ideas and don’t forget to include a photo.

Action Step:
1-Explore the area next you your cash register.  Have you rotated the merchandise lately?  If it’s been a while, find something new to put in this prime spot!

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