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Episode #345 – When 6 Months Ago Isn’t Good Enough…

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“Your body keeps an accurate journal regardless of what you write down” ABrodeur

Don’t you love today’s inspiration?!?!  You can write down anything… I mean, you can write down that you went for a jog, ate fresh fruit and a salad, and slept 8 solid hours.  But, if your teeth are falling out from too many candy bars, you can’t walk up a flight of stairs without taking a break, and you’re cranky with dark circles under your eyes… your body is keeping a much more accurate journal than you!

How does this reflect into the Infinity Marketing Machine?

You need consistent content that your followers want to read.  Much like your body… if you have convinced yourself that you are writing regularly but complain that you do not get “any” engagement.  It’s pretty easy to go to the source and check the health of your machine.

I’ve used this example before, but have you ever visited another company’s website or Facebook page only to find out that the last post they did was 6 months ago?  I said, recently I found the summer hours for a business that were actually the summer hours from TWO years ago.  This is what I’m talking about.

The first place your customers go for information is often the last place you go to update.  It’s always a good idea to keep an edit book.  If you put a date or deadline on your site, make sure to log this somewhere you can find it in the future to eliminate or update it!  This could be as simple as writing it on the calendar.  Just do something so your information stays relevant.

This is part of consistency.

I’ve usually discussed consistency in terms of posting regular content on a schedule… but consistency also refers to the information you present being relevant and up to date.  If you slack in this area… someone will notice.  And what reflection does this have on your business?

If you want to answer that question, go back to the time when you checked out a Facebook page and found the last post from 4 months ago…  This is not uncommon in the marina industry.  Since all the “action” happens in the summer, it’s very easy to create posts… but when winter hits, it’s much easier to forget to post.  That’s when a good system of creating a calendar of regular posts comes into play.  Check mine out!

Anyway… I just thought we all needed a good reminder that time stamps and deadlines are the internet’s journal!  Like your body, they are much better than a journal! haha

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Action Steps
1- When you add a “deadline” or time sensitive date to your website… use a calendar on your wall and document when you MUST update it so it doesn’t become stale!
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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