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Episode #344 – Here’s Why You Deserve Happiness.

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“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” Ben Carson

I’ve said it before, the qualities to focus on for the best positioning as a Subject Matter Expert are remembered by the phrase: INAHSClique.  Just like the qualities that form a high school clique… so do the same attributes form a Subject Matter Expert.  And when you think about it, the Jocks, the Popular Girls, and even the Nerds have these qualities within their “social stratus” – they are Influencer, Network, Ambassador, Honors, Study and Credentials.

Jocks:  They have studied and practiced their sport, earned titles, been in competitions where they are known in other areas, influence others and are ambassadors to their sport.  Yes… nerds, too… they study, earn certifications by studying, network with other nerds, and are influential.   So all the characteristics that make up involvement in a high school click are the same as those of your Subject Matter Expertise.

One difference…

You are positioning yourself as an expert, not a group.   You want to become the “go to” for your business/industry.  This is where some people get a little hung up.

You see… they can accept the anonymity of a group, and they may even be comfortable being the leader of the clique.  BUT, going solo bugs them.  They feel not deserving of the Subject Matter Expert title.

Well, with today’s internet dominance. You must toot your own horn. You need to get out there and claim your corner of the internet.  Never before did you open a newspaper and find a special section devoted to “people”.  There was never a place to go to make sure you were real.  The internet has a slight problem.  In the early days it was a “wild west” sort of environment.  That meant you could be whom ever you wanted.  People posted false photos and enhanced biographies.

Now that doesn’t work.  It’s especially doens’t work in terms of your business. For example, what happens if you own a hotel and you post photos of another hotel’s rooms (which are MUCH nicer) then people show up to stay… YIKES!  Nothing good, right?!?

Same for you personally.  When you take control and market (brag) about your honors, credentials, education, it will build your ambassador and influence within your industry.  These all factor together to build trust.  It’s the way to make yourself real!  It is a foundation of the Infinity Marketing Machine.  When you build trust, you build loyalty, and loyalty is what makes the machine go round and round.

If you are really struggling with “promoting” yourself as a Subject Matter Expert. Look to today’s inspiration.  Happiness is a direct result of what you give.  If you share information and knowledge, otherwise known as your expertise… you will be helping other people and that will make you happy.  Do it… you deserve happiness!

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