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Episode #346 – Just Keep Going!

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“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop” Confucius

You need to keep making progress.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel like you are making any forward progress… but you are.

It’s a simple idea… but think about this.  If you are not moving forward you are moving backward, you’re never standing still.  The reason is because someone else is moving.  The someone else is your competition!  If you are moving toward a goal, then you stop… but someone you are competing with continues to move forward, they have one extra day, week, month on you!

I was a competitive baton twirler for many years.  There’s a trick called a neck spin.  You bend your chin to your chest, tip your body forward, put baton on the exposed part of your neck and let it spin.  There’s a little more of a technique involved… ok a lot more… but you get the idea.

I could not get this trick.  Try as I did, I simply could not figure out how to control the motion.  But, I kept trying.  Not every day, but I did put the effort in… 8 years later, it all clicked.  Although it never seemed like I was making progress on this skill, I must have because all of a sudden I was like…”is that it?” that’s no big deal at all.

So when you’re feeling like something just isn’t going the way you want it to… keep going, don’t stop, and sometime it will all just fall in place!  Happy Mid-week Motivation!

Here is a page on my website of how to get motivated… it’s pretty useful if you need a little push to keep going!

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Action Steps
1- Think about the one thing that has you “stuck”.  Write down 8 reasons you want to get “unstuck” – and now put this on your wall… it’s your inspiration to keep going.
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