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Facebook Stuff to Check Out

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A few secret Facebook features to make your day easier. I read a great article this morning about Facebook features. I didn't know there were stock images available to use for free, that you could check out your competition by setting up a pages to watch feature, or that you could schedule posts from within the ad creation. There are a couple more tips, but I wanted to focus on these because they can really help your presence in the small pond. Starting with images. I recommend using your own photos from your business on ads, but sometimes it's...

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Too Frequent and Too Boring.

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Too frequent and too boring. These are the main reasons people unfollow a brand.   When creating a post you really need to focus on engagement. Mask yourself: why would someone want to read this information? If you can't answer that question... Try modifying the topic or move to a different topic. Learn what your audience desires. According to this awesome article I read most people state they desire photos, videos, customer reviews and company news. That seems logical. For one business I work with I like to consider my Facebook posts like our mini-news station. I'll put little...

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The Secret of Success

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The secret behind all successful people is these 6 things, or 11 things or 15 things and a bonus... Really? Do you need a list. I haven't seen the "Dummies Guide To Making a Million Dollars" yet. That's because there is no secret. I was drawn into reading an article this morning... It was 21 things successful people do. It was so lame I'm not sharing it. In fact I got to tip 13 and decided that according to this list being successful didn't sound very fun. Tips like "Limit TV to one hour". Give me a break! The way...

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