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Too Frequent and Too Boring.

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Too frequent and too boring. These are the main reasons people unfollow a brand.   When creating a post you really need to focus on engagement. Mask yourself: why would someone want to read this information? If you can't answer that question... Try modifying the topic or move to a different topic. Learn what your audience desires. According to this awesome article I read most people state they desire photos, videos, customer reviews and company news. That seems logical. For one business I work with I like to consider my Facebook posts like our mini-news station. I'll put little changes, maybe when we paint new lines in the parking lot or plant new flowers.     It's news... Might not seem earth shattering, but when you're building a bond it's important. (The photo I used is shown below). Would you tell a friend you planted new flowers? Then by all means tell your audience! This is what they want.   Create community by being personal and respond to their comments. It is shown that followers like engagement. When someone says "pretty flowers"... "Like" it! Better yet, thank them. I mean, if they came in your store and said "pretty flowers" you'd say thanks, right??? Social marketing is about conversations.   You're working hard to build a following, put that type of effort into keeping your following! If you're having fun, it will show through in your posts. Thanks again! And click the follow us option at the bottom... We'd love to have you join us! Check out our website: BigFishIdeas   

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