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Keeping Up with the Googles.

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Keeping up with the Googles. It's hard enough to create content (regularly) but when you're trying to boost your rankings it becomes even more difficult.  I think that's the point.  It is difficult to "game the system" or have a quick fix to boost rankings.  The search engines have a simple goal and that is to provide the best solution when they're posed with a question.  So, while you might be able to get away with a document that is "keyword stuffed", i.e., you took a single keyword and tried to get it in the document as many times as...

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Feed the Content Monster

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Feed the Content Monster! When you start posting, you'll quickly find out the content monster is hungry... I mean really hungry! You need to get the content monster on a consistent diet otherwise it will starve and die. (I kinda like that analogy). It's true, the more consistent you are at content, the healthier your social presence will be, if you quit posting, your readers leave... And that kills your presence. So how do you feed the monster? This link has some great ideas. I like suggestion #2 which is plant three seeds. It's great, find the three...

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