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Profit Center Coach's Blog — captive audience

Starry Starry Grape (roll eyes)

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My Niece LOVES the American Girl Doll Store.  If you've never been... wow, it's a marketing experience times 1,000.  I mean if you can create a doll and charge to pierce it's ears and on top of that create a hospital that you send your doll to for repairs that's some seriously creative marketing!  I visited the store in Orlando on January 2nd.  That's similar to the sun exploding at the same time all fireworks in the universe go off.  Why?  It's a brand new store and they have a special welcome gift for all visitors on the first and...

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What's Your "Flavor of the Day"?

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Today's custard ice cream flavor is Bonfire S'mores and I'm going to stop and get some.  It's been 24 days since I tore the flier off the pad at Culver's.  It's been sitting on my counter for 24 days and it's become wrinkled and water stained but the anticipation has grown with each day.  I've sat through the coconuts, the fruits, the nuts (yuck).  Today is my day, Bonfire S'mores.  It will get me through a long day at work... Bonfire S'mores.

So how's your marketing doing?

Are you doing cable video advertising, color post card mailings, maybe...

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