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What's Your "Flavor of the Day"?

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Today's custard ice cream flavor is Bonfire S'mores and I'm going to stop and get some.  It's been 24 days since I tore the flier off the pad at Culver's.  It's been sitting on my counter for 24 days and it's become wrinkled and water stained but the anticipation has grown with each day.  I've sat through the coconuts, the fruits, the nuts (yuck).  Today is my day, Bonfire S'mores.  It will get me through a long day at work... Bonfire S'mores.

So how's your marketing doing?

Are you doing cable video advertising, color post card mailings, maybe a radio spot? Does it have the same impact as a black on color photo copy flier?

If the content is valuable, people will respond.  The "Flavor of the Day" is valuable because it's safe, it's fun, and it becomes personal.  When I looked at the list my first glance was my birthday, then my sister's birthday, followed by my niece's birthday... April is a big birthday month.  After that I started looking for flavors and planning my month accordingly.  When did I have all this time?  I was waiting for my take-out chicken dinner!  I was already a customer and this list was on the counter top between the ketchup and napkins... brilliant!  There's absolutely nothing to do but wait for my dinner to be ready.  This is a super inexpensive flier... and it causes people to feel a connection to your business!  It's not a coupon.  It doesn't even have warm and fuzzy "life style" text.  It is just a list of flavors... one for each day.  I did the rest in my mind by looking up special days and thinking of my loved ones.  I created the warm and fuzzy memory and connection to the business. Try this.  Every business can create a "Flavor of the Day".  Whether it's your book of the day, stretch of the day, movie of the day, "____ tip of the day", meal of the day, there is something you can do.  If you don't have a waiting area, put it online.  People will find it and you will create a connection. To double your power.  Create the list at the beginning of the month and put the whole list out there right away.  However, market to your list by posting each one individually, every day!  It's a great way to create content, build excitement, and make a connection with your audience.

S'mores... S'mores... S'mores

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