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Episode #281 – There’s a New Way to Talk With Customers… Learn It Or You’ll Be Left Behind

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“Talk to people, not customers”

The quicker you realize that customers are people, the faster your online communication will grow!

Here’s what I mean.  And this is a hard concept to wrap your head around if you were in your teens in the 80’s.  You need to stop being formal.

This really is difficult.  It’s good you have a formal way of writing and to use proper English.  But… when it comes to style, personality will go very far in gaining trust.

Now I said if you were in your teens… I mean at the youngest… Teens+ in the 80s.  We grew up in a time when newscasts were (painfully) formal with forced banter… OK it hasn’t changed that much.  But what has changed is the social media way of filming.

Do you remember when your family got it’s first video camera… or using a super 8 movie camera?  You never wanted to shake the camera!

Now, it’s almost preferred, however, it is changing.  I have a Smove and although I’m still getting used to it, it’s pretty cool.  It’s a camera stabilizer AND it has feature where it follows your face… it gets a little creepy – but you can bob your head around and the camera follow you!  Cool and creepy!

I’ve gotten a little off topic, so back to talking to people vs. customers.  When you talk to people, and by talk I mean video, audio, written and in person.  When you communicate with people you do so in a relationship manner.  This is very different from the 80’s newscast where people were stiff and awkward, that’s talking to a customer.

It’s the difference between “one and done” and building an “infinity customer” – go for the relationship.

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Action Steps
1- Create a way to gain feedback from customers.  This feedback will help you form future messages switch and talk to people!
2- Install my free app! (SmallBusinessClubApp.com)

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