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Small Business Club - Ideas from the Real World

Small Pond Business Success Idea #6 - Coffee in My Mug

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Coffee mugs are fascinating.  Just saying, “Coffee Mug” conjures one in your mind. However, the one you’re thinking of is very different from the one your co-worker is thinking of… Why? Coffee mugs are personal.  Have you ever used a mug at your Grandma’s home and while the coffee is good, the message on the […]

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Small Pond Business Success Idea #5 - Inspiration for Posts – Five different themes from one photo!

bike inspiration social media ideas social media marketing for small business writing topics

Look and you'll find inspiration for your social media posts. One photo can have several themes...

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Small Pond Business Success Idea #4 - Cook Em and Sell Em

chuckwagon convenience store marketing create a new value from an old product marketing Real world Sales sandwiches small business marketing small business tips value added

I love this story.  I was at the convenience store last week.  I didn’t expect to come across a story to share on my blog… but there it was. I was reaching for cash to pay for my Chuckwagon purchase.  Yeah, roll eyes, I don’t...

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Small Pond Business Success Idea #3 - Bundle It

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Bundle it On a recent trip to Florida I came across a great idea to boost sales. I was staying at a hotel and walked into the gift store.  They had a variety of souvenirs, food/beverages, and even the “I forgot it at home” items. ...

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Small Pond Business Success Idea #2 - – Great “Time” at the Veterinarian

dog vet dog visit to vet inefficent use of time marketing mr. pancake the dog Real world small business effeciency small business marketing small business tip stop watch Success tips time is money time labor efficiencies time yoru visit Veterinarian office

Mr. Pancake, best dog ever, took a little trip to the vet this week.  He was standing over to the side waiting for the nice assistant to greet him when she paused to take a stop watch off the hook… Next stop was the examination...

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