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Small Pond Business Success Idea #6 - Coffee in My Mug

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Coffee mugs are fascinating.  Just saying, “Coffee Mug” conjures one in your mind. However, the one you’re thinking of is very different from the one your co-worker is thinking of… Why?

Coffee mugs are personal.  Have you ever used a mug at your Grandma’s home and while the coffee is good, the message on the front “just ain’t you”? 

It sounds lame, but there you are drinking your coffee held by the Green Bay Packer’s mug all the while knowing if any of your fellow Vikings fans saw you… You love your grandma, but you’d never hear the end of it!

I was recently at a cute cafe.  On the wall, right next to the door, hung a large shelf of coffee mugs.  All sorts of shapes, styles, colors and messages.  Above the shelf was a sign, “Coffee Club bring a cup and store it on shelf, receive 50cents off Monday.- Friday”

This is a great way to build loyalty to your restaurant.  These customers actually brought something from home and now store it at the cafe. 

Look at the photo! You can see there are teachers, military, and sports fans that all joined the club.  Imagine how much better the coffee tastes in their own mug?!?!  They come to your restaurant and feel like they belong because their mug is on the shelf.

Is there a way to build loyalty like this at your business?  You might not be able to store mugs, but how about with photos on your Facebook page… Ask customers to send in photos using your product, then go one step further and create a scrapbook of the posts in your store.  It will make a great conversation piece when they come into visit!


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Coffee Mug Display

Small Business Idea for Coffee Customers

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